How did we start?

In 2012, Jon Taylor, an in house creative director overseeing a large team of commercial artists, found himself sitting at a coffee shop reinventing his life. Happy Pug Creative Dog Massive Mastif Artistic Puppy was born out of a desire to bring big company resources to small businesses. With his background as a creative director, Jon Taylor oversees a fresh team specializing in commercial photography, website design, video production, graphic design and strategic consulting (consulting is always free).

the puppy promise

Artistic Puppy is on a mission to elevate the art of business. We are a different animal — we push the boundaries of creativity to make your brand explode onto the scene and leave an impression.

What do we do?

We love to work collaboratively to interpret your individuality, develop your goals, identify your audience, craft images and designs to attractively communicate with your audience. We are ready to be your team- from initial brainstorming to professional production to fine-tuning to follow-through.

un-boxed creativity

We know what it’s like to start from scratch, build a reputation, develop a brand and market your image to establish forefront prominence in customers’ minds. You are unique, and your image should be, too.

artistic puppy… the nutshell

Artistic Puppy provides the Kenai Peninsula world-class quality photography, video production, website design, consulting and graphic design, yet with next-door-neighbor service.

The Team

A bunch of wild eyed crazies that decided it better to make art instead of riding off into the sunset. Riding into the sunset is over rated anyway because it hurts your eyes.

Jon Taylor


Matt Nath

Digital Assets Manager and Electric Dance Move Buster

Mara Brown

Editing Master and Red Bull Special Connoisseur

Varian Altisihi

Lighting Technician and Keeper Of The Pickup Lines

Ben Pooley

Event Photographer/Tech assistant and constant entertainment on long car rides