We specialize in telling stories. With Artistic Puppy, you aren’t getting a creative agency that just wants to take your picture or build your website. We want to infuse you into everything we do, from logos to photos to complete brand strategies. Hello, world? Do you know our client? Well, you soon will.


Looks are important, but personality so much more. Our photos have it going on in all the right places — lighting, color, composition, etc. — but what they say is even better than how they look. Each photo campaign tells a story — your story. Your business isn’t just about what you do or sell, it’s who you are and what you’re about. Artistic Puppy photography focuses on your narrative.

Web Design

Is meeting the specific, unique needs of your clients your highest priority? Hey, ours too! Your business deserves an individualized experience and a customized web presence that packs all the functionality you need in the striking visual package you deserve. One size fits all? Not at Artistic Puppy.

Graphic Design

Design is communication through the use of type, space and image. Using the three to tell a story is an art and a science. And for us, it’s a passion. When you see a logo, label or business card, you are part of a conversation. The company is telling you who they are and what they stand for, all wrapped up in a simple, compelling visual. Let Artistic Puppy help you communicate with your audience without saying a single, audible word.


Nothing has the ability to move you like video. Stunning imagery combined with compelling audio can surmount the other clamoring demands for our attention and inspire us to action. Your brand is ready for the next level of momentum that only quality video can bring.